Marriage is an important stage in life that people look forward to when they reach maturity. In different cultures across the world, marriage ceremonies may differ in how they are conducted. But the central values and reasons for having a wedding ceremony remain pretty much the same. A wedding is a onetime event in a person’s life unless a couple decides to have a second wedding or because of a divorce. As such, a lot is invested in making the event memorable for the rest of the lives of both bride and groom. That is why weddings are big events costing a lot of money to organize and may last up to a week in some cultures.

These big ceremonies are all centered around making the day memorable for the two going into a lifetime union. The wedding is a formal event which showcases to the public that two people have agreed to be partners for life. It is also the only time we make promises in front of witnesses to each other. Vows are made, to always stick to each other, love each other, take care of each other through thick and thin. To be blind to others, only keeping an eye on your partner, are all vows which are made on that big day.

People may have several reasons for

Apart from making vows, the big ceremony is also a celebration for the two going into a lifetime union. It involves showing how valuable a bride is, not only to her groom but to all witnesses. That is why a big wedding is organized to celebrate this day honoring a brides value. With weddings becoming more expensive by the decade, it is a sure way to show how much a groom loves his bride. That is the way society has valued weddings, though in some cases it is just for prestige.

People may have several reasons for wanting a bigger wedding ceremony but few might think otherwise. They might argue that money spent on weddings could be used to pay off debt and build a future for the two. These think of possibilities of a divorce which would mean wasted money together with precious time. However the thoughts of an individual might be, a wedding, big or small still has value and impact to lives.

Are Big Wedding Ceremonies Worth it?

So determining if a big wedding is important depends on how much value is attached to the ceremony. Considering that it is a onetime event in your life, making it big and memorable might be worth it. To some it may just be an event to gain prestige in society, while to others, deep cultural values are upheld. The day is celebrated, parents are made proud while society recognizes the new couple as a union.

All evidence supports the worth and impact of a big wedding on peoples lives. It is the day of the bride, made to be as memorable as possible. To celebrate the two individuals who have finally tied the knot despite all the hurdles of life. Having a big wedding is supported, for it is worth the impact it leaves on the couple including witnesses.