It’s unnatural to make a drastic cut to the lists of guests being invited to a wedding, it hurts the feelings of both parties involved. But in some situations, there’s nothing the couple can do other than simply uninvite guests from the ceremony without hurting anyone’s feelings. There are often tangible reasons, for instance, that the global health crisis has led to a degree by the government that only a maximum number of 15 guests are allowed to a wedding. For couples that had planned their wedding a while back and invited hundreds of attendees, it became an emotional moment for them to have to uninvite that large number. They don’t want to offend friends, yet for reasons beyond their control, they can’t have the desired number of people at their wedding.

To do this without hitches and

To do this without hitches and bad feelings from anyone, below are a few tips on how to effectively cut down your wedding guests’ list. The couples have to make the decisions together, it’s their wedding, they should come to a compromise on whom to invite and those not to, doing it together eases tension. Some couples conclude by postponing their wedding because of this, so they can have those people present when it’s convenient.

Cutting wedding guest's list the right way

However, if you and your partner have decided to go ahead with a small-scale wedding of 15 attendees, then a personal VIP list should be created, consisting of those that’ll attend. This is where you start prioritizing guests based on certain criteria like distance, relationship, etc, not everyone can make it to your wedding again. The reason for the increased number of wedding guests is “plus ones”, if you can ditch this, then the guest list would be cut down to a significant amount. According to the UK’s top wedding etiquette experts, couples are not obliged to invite people with dates to their wedding if they don’t want to, except for some married people or long-standing relationships.

You can always turn the tables in your favor no matter the number of guests allowed to attend your wedding, since the restriction is general knowledge. Leaving some of your friends out of your big day is a tough decision that can drain out the excitement leaving you feeling down, but this is the case where you have to act tough and put feelings of obligation aside. Friends and relatives that didn’t get an invitation or got cut off from guest lists after accepting RSVP may take it personally with you, it’s important to handle it in the right way to avoid confusion.