If you do not want to attend a wedding, simply tell the hosts that you were not given a leave from your job. Using work as an excuse is effective in evading a wedding as your friend knows the consequences of not delivering at your job. A wedding invitee should explain to their friends the magnitude of the work and with a deadline to beat, the need to report to work. Your inviter would not want you to lose your job because of their wedding which will make them understand the situation.

Sickness is another effective excuse an

Sickness is another effective excuse an invited guest can use to avoid attending a wedding. A person can accept the invitation but a few days to the wedding, tell the hosts about their fake sickness. Being sick is inevitable and making serious about the condition will surely save an invited guest from attending a wedding. Claiming that a close relative is ill raises the need for them to be there for them until they fully recover. Telling the inviters with a tearful sound which will make them have pity, is useful in making your friends believe the story. A person should remind them how eager they were to attend their wedding but cannot due to unavoidable circumstances.

Since the old-age are prone to

Since the old-age are prone to being sick, using parents or grandparents as an excuse will be a wise strategy. Telling your friends that your old parents are ill will make them comfortable with your absence at their wedding. A friend will know that your sick parents need you more for them to recover. Few days after the wedding you can tell them how glad you are that your parents are doing well.

Effective Ways of Evading a Wedding

A person can tell the hosts that they are not around, and it would be long before they return. A guest can tell them that they have gone for a business trip or paid their parents a visit. Telling them about a project that an invitee is working on which requires their physical presence will help them evade a wedding. This is the best excuse as the invitee will not be seen around because everyone will be at the wedding. It does not require much explanation but remember to promise them that you will try your best to attend the wedding so that after failing to appear, the couple will know that it was impossible.

People can explain themselves by blaming their huge financial crisis as a challenge that will prevent them from travelling to the venue or buying themselves decent clothes for the wedding. Tell the hosts that you do not have enough money to cater for what you will need to attend the wedding. If the invited guest lives far away, blaming the expensive transport costs is effective. Telling them that having obligations like paying their children’s fees is the reason for their current financial status, can wipe away any doubts that the couple may have. People understand when a person lacks money but remember to promise to send a gift after you are stable.

Informing the hosts that an interview scheduled on the same day will help people evade a wedding. People understand how vital building a career is to others therefore, if an invitee was looking for a job, this is a good reason. Friends want their peers to succeed in life, they will not force them to make for their day when there are urgent professional commitments. The good thing about using an interview as an excuse is that even if they realize that a person is not employed, the invitee can still claim that the interview did not go as expected. Your friend will see how devastated you are for not getting your dream job and not blame you for not attending their wedding.

Tell your friend that you cannot make to their wedding as your closest relative is having a wedding on the same day, and they had invited you earlier. Weddings take place on specific days and telling a friend of having an invitation to a relative’s wedding can also work. Your inviter will understand that you were invited earlier and since you cannot be in two places allow you to attend that of your closest relative. Promise to make it up for them by sending them your gift and showing how much, you regret for not being there for them on their wedding day because of a family wedding. Your inviter will surely understand that your presence at your relative’s wedding is more important than theirs.