Proposing is a special move for a guy who would like to marry a girl who he is in love with and would like to spend the rest of his life with. This is a key step in modern days since most girls would not like to enter into marriage without being proposed to. Failure to propose to your lady you may end up losing because all women would like to settle and go for a man who has a plan. Dating a girl for a long time without proposing may show that you are a man without a plan this will make the girl want to leave you.

By proposing to a lady a man reveals true love for the lady and is seen as a beautiful thing. A proposal it should be properly planned to reveal how much you love your lady. A properly planed proposal will be a step for you to make your girl to easily say yes. The use of skywriters who would tell the world your love for the girl or even using fireworks as part of your proposal will make your lady feel loved and to accept you with open arms.

It is very wrong for you

Women love such moments because they have dreamed of being proposed to in a certain way then you as a man it’s required to know taste, by doing this a man will touch the woman’s heart. They like such moments to occur in places filled with romance for example a park, near a water fall spring or even the beach during sunset. Proposing at such places will be a day to remember since it will have brought joy to her heart.

It is very wrong for you to do this during a friend’s weeding since it will be a sign of disrespect to them. This will draw all the attention from them to your ongoing process. A weeding day is a special day for the couples getting married and everything is done in their favors. A couple had to plan for the occasion and paid a large amount of money for the weeding to become a success. Every lady likes such moments to be hers. Proposing to a lover during the bride’s day will have spoiled the fun for those who are getting married.

It Is Not Right To Propose During A Wedding

Doing such shows laziness since you only grab an opportunity of romantic atmosphere created there. People will think you only waited for this opportunity which the couples created to do your agenda. Your girl won’t take it to be too special for your girl since it’s another woman’s moment, and she will probably give a no to your offer.

This will also be a bad memory to the couples because they will remember you putting a pause on their program to do your proposal which may even end friendship. The main point is that they will not like their weeding day to act as a proposal sight for other people, it’s their moment. If it is possible, you can propose after the wedded couples have finished with their planned program then it’s possible to propose.