The wedding day is the most special day in a girl’s life, she has to look glam as the day never comes twice. Different trends have come and has left shops, contemporary wedding gowns which are like a ball gown, hat to top it, accessories, a small bag, bouquet of flowers chosen by the girl. Gowns to be worn by brides were chosen on the purity of the bride. White is a symbol of purity, lack of filth or dirt. Sex before marriage is considered a sin in so many cultures, a wife who has this relationship with a guy is considered not pure. Gowns chosen for such women are not white as they say it is a disrespect to the holiness of the gown.

Wives are told to wear different

Wives are told to wear different color dresses like yellow, cream, pink. Pink is used the most as it is known as girls color, it is a really gorgeous color for a gown. Some brides don’t like to wear the white, they prefer to wear their favorite color as their wedding dresses. Modern age has put an end to old customs and traditions of old generation in which brides can’t wear what they want to wear. There are so many wedding gown trends that girls have adopted. One of the tackiest fashion wedding gown trends are the short wedding dresses.

Tacky wedding gown trends

Short wedding dresses makes brides look too simple, long, bulky wedding dresses usually makes the woman the center of attention on her day, definitely not some cheap short wedding dress that doesn’t have quality. Wedding dresses in other colors like pink, cream is still fashionable and trendy to wear by wives. But when a woman decides to wear a black wedding dress on the big day, it looks tacky. As black is known to be worn on gloomy, sad occasions, wearing black on a wedding is classy to an extent. Black clothes should be a no for brides to wear on their wedding day. Bright colors like pink, yellow, orange should be worn instead as they are colors that show off the mood of the occasion.

A wife who doesn’t hold a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the wedding is disrespecting the trend of the wedding gown. Flowers are meant to accompany the girl as it is a symbol of beauty of the bride. Sometimes, crowns of flowers are worn on the bride’s head for beautification’s sake. Wearing pants on your wedding day is so simple, the look is considered to be tacky. Wedding clothes that are bulky bring attention to the bride, wearing pants on your wedding day is not something to be done. Chasing after trends that people don’t follow might be considered unapologetic, classy, elegant, let’s not totally forget the reason why gowns were used in weddings. Wedding gowns should be simple, elegant but still draw a good amount of attention to the bride.

Not every attention to the wife is called a good attention, when a wife wears something beyond the imagination, bad focus tends to be drawn to her.