A couple can have a wedding without necessarily being legally married. Weddings can be done as a mere celebration of the relationship between two couples. Couples may want to appreciate the love between them by doing a wedding and inviting relatives as well as friends to witness the occasion. In most cases, weddings are done to fulfill the cultural requirements of their respective families. But they do not imply that you are legally married unless there is a legal document to support it. In exchange for vows, couples can opt to use terms other than “husband and wife.” For instance, instead of being pronounced “united as husband and wife,” they could opt for “united in love” to evade legal implications.

People no longer want to bind

People no longer want to bind themselves down with legal implications by signing legal documents. There have been cases of failed marriages that it is not fashionable anymore to have certificates. There are a few tussles that follow a failed marriage, dragging on for too long with financial implications as couples try to share the responsibilities of catering for their children. No wonder in some places partners enter into contractual marriage in a bid to dodge legal issues later. Whereas it should be a sign of love where partners show publicly their feelings for each other, today’s weddings are merely rituals that have little to show.

The sacredness that used to accompany

The sacredness that used to accompany the occasion is not there anymore, but just a put-on in which partners try to show-case their ability to put up the biggest ceremony. Many marriage ceremonies are just parties that are thrown around for people to enjoy. A wedding can be too expensive; the materials that are used, the time taken to prepare it and the venue chosen for the occasion can be very costly. Those who are wealthy usually throw these parties at expensive venues like hotel grounds where services are offered by hired professional service givers.

Why Most Marriages Fail

Due to the lackluster nature of today’s weddings where character is not the main quality but cosmetic things such as wealth and beauty, most unions don’t last. Any union grounded in mere assumptions and not in virtuous attributes doesn’t last. You should not waste your hard-earned money on a ceremony unless you have identified a quality character in your partner. A relationship that is meant to last a lifetime must be built on a solid foundation because children will be born in that home who will need care and attention. Think about those kids before you jump into the fray, if at all you mean well for your future.

You must not marry unless you sincerely love each other. Without love, the legal documents will mean nothing and may never save your marriage. When genuine love exists between partners, it creates an understanding that might bind them to a lasting bond. You do not need to sign documents to secure your family. Laws can be flouted, especially if the parties involved do not want to be held responsible. Unions now lack the seriousness needed to keep them knit tight to weather the odds that may come. It is a sad thing when people enter into unions simply for flimsy reasons.

A marriage license only serves the purpose of notifying the authorities of your intent and must not be misconstrued to mean it is a means to make it successful. The ability to pull through successfully emanates from within and not without. Law cannot unite two people into a family unit until their hearts feel something for each other. Therefore, dependence on papers as a way of keeping partners together is misplaced. Don’t even think of it because it will fail right from the start.

The honorable thing is to find someone you dearly love if you are interested in a long-lasting relationship. Let the papers serve their purpose which is to notify the authority of the existence of a marriage. But don’t depend on the signed papers to help you succeed because it won’t. Remember, it is your decision and not the state’s, so strive to keep your promise to your partner as well as God. Make every effort to bring your union to success by taking charge of mutual responsibility among yourselves. As long as love exists, there will be endless understanding even in hardships.